I am a registered dietitian by profession. For as long as I’ve studied nutrition and worked in this field, I have also taught myself graphic design (crazy to think that’s 10+ years now), where custom projects occupied my free time. I fell in love with the art of letterpress printing several years ago, when I started printing a few invitations and greeting cards, slowly turning this hobby into a little business. Early 2020, I adopted Gertrude, my 1906 Chandler & Price letterpress where I now individually print the majority of my cards out of my garage.

PALETTE x PALATE – I originally created this space with the primary intention to write about my food experiences and upbringing as a Chinese American from a restaurant family. You will see a number of food-inspired prints, drawing from the health side of me, an interest in seasonal ingredients, my food culture, and a love for all things delicious! With time, I will continue to post mini food stories that will hopefully inspire conversations with you and your food life as well.