P A L A T E  – I am a registered dietitian by profession. I talk about food for a large part, if not all, of my day. I realize that what I talk about to my patients or what I cook represents just a snippet of my experience with food. Learning and educating others about what happens after – the breakdown of your food, the absorption of nutrients, its relationship with certain diseases – is only one component. As I delved deeper into the sciences of nutrition, I also developed a great interest around, well, food in general – where does it come from, the stories behind them, how we develop certain tastes for things, food culture. We all know we need to eat to survive. And from that comes our individual experiences with food. My parents were restaurant owners for a large part of my life and my dad was the main chef. Food has weaved its way in my life in so many intricate ways that I’ve only really started to realize.

I have been writing down some thoughts over the last several years of my own food stories, my upbringing as a Chinese American girl. While I will share some recipes and nutrition tidbits, the intention of this site is to share my experiences, to continue recording bits and pieces of my food thoughts, and maybe start a conversation with you about yours.

P A L E T T E – Over the past ten-plus years, I  dabbled in art and design outside of my daytime job. I am happy to share my past works here and more. Whether plating food or painting them, food is an incredible subject to work with. I hope to use this space to explore and share art through various forms of media. 

Here are my food musings through stories and art.