Snow Pea Leaves

Ah, my favorite veggie of all time, but especially now as it is in season. I remember the excitement over this green beauty when eating at restaurants with my parents, who always ask the waiters what seasonal vegetables are on the menu (for most dishes, you should always ask for what’s in season!). Snow pea leaves are known as pea shoots, sprouts, tips, or “dou miao” in Chinese. These leaves carry a mildly sweet taste that pairs so well with garlic and has such a delightful crunch. Snow pea shoots, as their name indicates, include the shoots  and curly tendrils that grow on the stalks of snow pea plants, so don’t toss them aside when picking the snow peas. The dietitian in me might speak highly of their nutrient density, rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, and fiber, but really, I’m in it all for the taste! Simply stir fry these with a bit of garlic for a quick dish. There really is no other way I would eat this!

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